Which O’Looney’s Staff Member Has a Palate like Yours?

Which describes your drinking habits?

Choose a fruit

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Choose an aroma

Which flavor is your LEAST favorite?

Which O'Looney's Staff Member Has a Palate like Yours?
Keegan Sparks

Keegan loves elegant wines from around the world. He runs Shamrock Selections, our monthly wine subscription service, where he find unique grapes and interesting vintages to share with subscribers.
Spencer English

Spencer is your go-to guys for big and bold wines. He loves wines with deep and powerful flavors from California, Italy, and France.
Susie Long

You might recognize Susie from her regular appearances on Good Morning Arkansas, but we know her as our resident Spanish wine aficionado! And if you're ever looking for more than just wine, she's always ready to talk whiksey and Scotch!
Jonathan Looney

The man that started it all! He loves showcasing wines from around the world, but we all know how much he loves the fruit of Napa Valley. You know he's having the "best day ever," when he's drinking something "inredibly delicious."
Seth Eli Barlow

From lush and buttery to light and crisp, Seth loves white wines from all around the world. He's always happy to show someone that white wines can be more than just moscato!

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