Rosa Regale




The Wine:åÊRosa Regale

The Grape:åÊ100%åÊBrachetto

From: Brachetto d’Acqui DOCG, Italy

Tastes Like:åÊRaspberries, strawberries, rose petals

Pair With:åÊSeafood, Asian cuisine,åÊchocolate

Sparkling wine from the brachetto grape as long been a traditional sign of affection in Italy. Legend has it that both Julius Ceaser and Marc Antony sent it to Cleopatra in hopes to win her heart. Rosa Regale is a wine that fits any occasion and is an ideal match for any palate. The slightly off-dryåÊnature of the wine makes it a perfect pairing with anything from seafood to spicy Asian cuisine. In the glass, it shines a bright and festive pink with striking fruit aromas that are followed by dramatic notes of raspberry and strawberry that dance across the palate.


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